What is offspring?

  • (noun): Something that comes into existence as a result.
    Example: "Industrialism prepared the way for acceptance of the French Revolution's various socialistic offspring"
    Synonyms: materialization, materialisation
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In biology, offspring is the product of reproduction, of a new organism produced by one or more parents.

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... In biology, offspring is the product of reproduction, of a new organism produced by one or more parents ... Collective offspring may be known as a brood or progeny in a more general way ... This can refer to a set of simultaneous offspring, such as the chicks hatched from one clutch of eggs, or to all the offspring, as with the honeybee ...

More definitions of "offspring":

  • (noun): The immediate descendants of a person.
    Example: "She was the mother of many offspring"
    Synonyms: progeny, issue
  • (noun): Any immature animal.
    Synonyms: young

Famous quotes containing the word offspring:

    Bodily offspring I do not leave, but mental offspring I do. Well, my books do not have to be sent to school and college, and then insist on going into the church, or take to drinking, or marry their mother’s maid.
    Samuel Butler (1835–1902)

    Stay-at-home mothers, . . . their self-esteem constantly assaulted, . . . are ever more fervently concerned that their offspring turn out better so they won’t have to stoop to say “I told you so.” Working mothers, . . . their self-esteem corroded by guilt, . . . are praying their kids turn out functional so they can stop being defensive and apologetic and instead assert “See? I did do it all.”
    Melinda M. Marshall (20th century)

    It is visible then that it was not any Heathen Religion or other Idolatrous Superstition, that first put Man upon crossing his Appetites and subduing his dearest Inclinations, but the skilful Management of wary Politicians; and the nearer we search into human Nature, the more we shall be convinced, that the Moral Virtues are the Political Offspring which Flattery begot upon Pride.
    Bernard De Mandeville (1670–1733)