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Parity Of Zero - Mathematical Contexts - Not Being Odd
... The observation that zero is not odd is sometimes directly applied in a mathematical argument ... If an unknown number is proven to be odd, then it cannot be zero ... and revealing proof explaining why a number is nonzero ...
Quartic Reciprocity - Gaussian Integers - Facts and Terminology
... theory of the "integral complex numbers" and shows that it is quite similar to the arithmetic of ordinary integers ... The units are the numbers that divide 1 ... They are similar to 1 and −1 in the ordinary integers, in that they divide every number ...
Woodward–Hoffmann Rules - General Formulation - Derivation of An Alternative Statement
... can be formulated in terms of the total number of electrons using simple rules of divisibility ... First assume that the total number of electrons is 4n+2 ... Then we can write where a, b, c, and d are coefficients indicating the number of each type of component ...
I Ching Divination - Methods - Dice
... It's much easier to use a die as a coin-equivalent if an odd number of pips shows, it counts as "heads" if an even number of pips shows, as "tails." Obviously, the ... The number values on a single die can also be used to determine the hexagram's lines ... Designate odd numbers as yang, even numbers as yin, and roll a six-sided die once for each of the six lines ...
List Of Towns In Alberta - Administration
... of the MGA, a town council consists of an odd number of councillors, one of which is the town's chief elected official (CEO) or mayor ... council consists of seven councillors by default, but it can consist of a higher or lower odd number if council passes a bylaw altering its size (so long as it does not consist of fewer than three ...

Famous quotes containing the words number and/or odd:

    He is the richest man who knows how to draw a benefit from the labors of the greatest number of men, of men in distant countries, and in past times.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    We have dancing ... from soon after sundown until a few minutes after nine o’clock.... Occasionally the boys who play the female partners in the dances exercise their ingenuity in dressing to look as girlish as possible. In the absence of lady duds they use leaves, and the leaf-clad beauties often look very pretty and always odd enough.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)