What is nursery?

  • (noun): A child's room for a baby.
    Synonyms: baby's room
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Love Blossoms - Synopsis - Flower Nursery Fight
... Dashun sells his nursery to American-born Chinese Ma Daji (Zhang Yaodong) to clear Zijing's gambling debts ... Knowing nothing about nursery operation, he is manipulated by Haitong into signing a contract which not only provides flowers to her company at a low price but also hires Dashun at an exorbitant salary ... Zipeng is two-timing her, she gives up the relationship and business to return to the nursery ...
Little Kingshill School - History
... village school, housed in a Victorian building, to a combined school with a Nursery and Primary units ... The Nursery Class is situated on the other side of the road in the original 1887 Victorian building ... However, liaison between Nursery and Reception teachers is close, the transition from Nursery to Reception is very smooth and the children settle quickly into life at ...
Späth Nursery
... The nursery had been founded in 1720 by Christoph Späth but removed to the erstwhile district of Baumschulenweg (lit ... nursery way now part of the Treptow-Köpenick district) in south-east Berlin in 1863 when Franz Ludwig Späth (1839 - 1913) succeeded his father Ludwig as manager when aged only 25 ... By the end of the 19th century, the nursery was the largest in the world, occupying 120 hectares ...
Savenac Nursery Historic District
... Savenac Nursery Historic District is located near Haugan in Mineral County, Montana ... The nursery was created by Elers Koch, of the Forest Service, who also helped fight the Great Fire of 1910 that destroyed much of the northern Rocky Mountains, including the nursery ... Its former operations have been moved to the Coeur d'Alene Nursery in Idaho ...
Nursery, Karachi
... Nursery (Urdu نرسرى ‎) is a suburb of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan ... on sharah-e-faisal It neighbors Jamshed Town ...

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  • (noun): A building with glass walls and roof; for the cultivation and exhibition of plants under controlled conditions.
    Synonyms: greenhouse, glasshouse

Famous quotes containing the word nursery:

    ... we have broken down the self-respecting spirit of man with nursery tales and priestly threats, and we dare to assert, that in proportion as we have prostrated our understanding and degraded our nature, we have exhibited virtue, wisdom, and happiness, in our words, our actions, and our lives!
    Frances Wright (1795–1852)

    As for types like my own, obscurely motivated by the conviction that our existence was worthless if we didn’t make a turning point of it, we were assigned to the humanities, to poetry, philosophy, painting—the nursery games of humankind, which had to be left behind when the age of science began. The humanities would be called upon to choose a wallpaper for the crypt, as the end drew near.
    Saul Bellow (b. 1915)

    Yes, I know.
    Death sits with his key in my lock.
    Not one day is taken for granted.
    Even nursery rhymes have put me in hock.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)