What is notation?

  • (noun): A technical system of symbols used to represent special things.
    Synonyms: notational system
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Notation - Other Systems
... to represent a game of baseball Chess notation, to represent moves in a game of chess New Epoch Art Notation, to represent the creation of a visual image using any physical media Hungarian notation ...
Gamakas in Music Notation
... Notation of gamakams is generally not found in the Indian music system ... in conveying the complex and fluid melodic movement of gamakas in a notation system that uses fixed pitch signs ... In Carnatic music in particular, the notation of gamakas is often unnecessary, as performers use notation as a memory aid for compositions they already ...
Guqin Notation - History
... An earlier form of music notation from the Tang era survives in just one manuscript, dated to the seventh century CE, called Jieshi Diao Youlan 《碣石調幽蘭》 (Sol ... in a longhand form called wenzi pu 〔文字譜〕 (literally "written notation"), said to have been created by Yongmen Zhou (雍門周) during the Warring States Period, which gives all ... Later in the Tang dynasty Cao Rou (曹柔) and others simplified the notation, using only the important elements of the characters (like string number, plucking technique, hui number and which ...
Calculator Input Methods - Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) (postfix Notation)
... In reverse Polish notation, also known as postfix notation, all operations are entered after the operands on which the operation is performed ... Reverse Polish notation is parenthesis-free which usually leads to fewer button presses needed to perform an operation. 1 which is one of the few examples where reverse Polish notation does not use the fewest button presses – provided one does not rearrange operands ...

More definitions of "notation":

  • (noun): A comment or instruction (usually added).
    Example: "He added a short notation to the address on the envelope"
    Synonyms: note, annotation
  • (noun): The activity of representing something by a special system of marks or characters.