What is native American?

  • (noun): Any member of the peoples living in North or South America before the Europeans arrived.
    Synonyms: Amerindian
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List Of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Episodes - Series 3: BBC 1, 2002
... Frenais Paul Seed 28 April 2002 (2002-04-28) The first episode begins with a Native American meditating over the Grand Canyon he has a vision of The Angel of the North It cuts to Dennis who is ... to be left seriously out of pocket, until a Native American, Joe Saugus (Gordon Tootoosis), arrives in Middlesbrough with a view to buy the Transporter Bridge if the lads will reconstruct it ... in the USA to reconstruct the Transporter Bridge across a canyon in the Arizona desert for Joe's Native American nation ...
Lone Wolf V. Hitchcock
... the US government by the Kiowa chief Lone Wolf, who charged that Native American tribes under the Medicine Lodge Treaty had been defrauded of land by ... abrogate treaty obligations between the United States and Native American tribes ... which had given greater respect to the autonomy of Native American tribes ...
Saponi - 20th-century State Recognition - North Carolina
... recognized by North Carolina in 1911 as an American Indian tribe ... Members were observed to have (or claimed) European, African and Native American ancestry, to varying degree ... two communities each stressed cultural identification with historic American Indians ...
Spanish Conquistadors - Background
... Native allied troops were largely infantry equipped with armament and armour that varied geographically ... These native forces often included African slaves and Native Americans ... India Catalina and Malintzin were Native American women slaves who worked for the Spaniards ...
Socialist Party Of Oklahoma - Organizational History - Background
... the narrow western panhandle — were first set aside as a site to which Native American populations were to be deported from their ancestral homelands in the 1830s ... were relocated at that time, clearing the way for European-American colonization of their previous lands ... Following the conclusion of the American Civil War the Federal government used the fact of these five Native American peoples' support of the Confederate States of America as a pretext ...

More definitions of "native American":

  • (adj): Of or pertaining to American Indians or their culture or languages.
    Example: "Native American religions"
    Synonyms: Indian, Amerind, Amerindic

Famous quotes containing the words native american, american and/or native:

    ...I have ... been guilty of watching Westerns without acknowledging that Native Americans have gone through the same madness as African Americans. Isn’t it extraordinary that sometimes the most offended have not seen others being offended?
    Judith Jamison (b. 1943)

    Let’s face it. Let’s talk sense to the American people. Let’s tell them the truth, that there are no gains without pains, that we are now on the eve of great decisions, not easy decisions.
    Adlai Stevenson (1900–1965)

    And so we ask for peace for the gods of our fathers, for the gods of our native land. It is reasonable that whatever each of us worships is really to be considered one and the same. We gaze up at the same stars, the sky covers us all, the same universe compasses us. What does it matter what practical systems we adopt in our search for the truth. Not by one avenue only can we arrive at so tremendous a secret.
    Quintus Aurelius Symmachus (A.D. c. 340–402)