What is murphy?


Murphy is an Anglicized version of two Irish surnames: Ó Murchadha/Ó Murchadh ("descendant of Murchadh"), and Mac Murchaidh/Mac Murchadh ("son of Murchadh") derived from the Irish personal name Murchadh, which meant "sea-warrior" or "sea-battler". (Muir meaning "sea" and cath meaning "battle").

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Thomas J. Murphy, Jr.
... "Tom" Murphy, Jr ... Murphy is currently the Senior Resident Fellow for Urban Development at the Urban Land Institute ...
Ben Murphy - Career
... Murphy appeared in a supporting role in The Name of the Game, a series featuring a rotating leading cast including Tony Franciosa, Gene Barry, and Robert Stack ... Murphy played a semi regular role as 'Joseph Sample' assistant to Robert Stack's leading character 'Dan Farrell' in Stack's segements of the show ... After Alias Smith and Jones, Murphy joined Lorne Greene in the 1973 ABC crime drama Griff ...
Murphy, Texas - Population Growth
1,547 2000 3,099 2006 12,790 (Est.) 2010 17,708 Population within 5 mile radius of the City of Murphy is approximately 530,000 Population within the DFW Metroplex is approximately 6 ...
... saga Hatchet Brian's Winter The River Brian's Return Brian's Hunt Murphy series Murphy Murphy's Gold Murphy's Herd Murphy's War Murphy's Stand Murphy's ...
Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. - As Mayor
... Murphy was elected the mayor of Pittsburgh in November 1993 and was sworn-in in January 1994 ... The combined leadership of Cranmer, Dawida, and Mayor Murphy led to a building boom in Pittsburgh dubbed “Renaissance III” that was a catalyst for how the city would be viewed a ... Murphy also led the development of more than 25 miles of new riverfront trails and urban green space ...

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    Narcotics have been systematically scapegoated and demonized. The idea that anyone can use drugs and escape a horrible fate is an anathema to these idiots. I predict that in the near future, right wingers will use drug hysteria as a pretext to set up an international police apparatus.
    Gus Van Sant, U.S. screenwriter and director, and Dan Yost. Father Tom Murphy (William S. Burroughs)

    If I were in the unenviable position of having to study my work my points of departure would be the “Naught is more real ...” and the “Ubi nihil vales ...” both already in Murphy and neither very rational.
    Samuel Beckett (1906–1989)