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Moses Taylor

Moses Taylor (January 11, 1806 – May 23, 1882) was a 19th-century New York merchant and banker and one of the wealthiest men of that century. At his death, his estate was reported to be worth $70 million, or about $1.7 billion in today's dollars. He controlled the National City Bank of New York (later to become Citibank), the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western railroad, the Moses Taylor & Co. import business, and he held numerous other investments in railroads and industry.

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Burning Love (Arrested Development) - Episode Notes - Cultural References
... The Sun and The Times After Moses Taylor placed tranquilized Lindsay on a bench, a tabloid newspaper, "British Sun Times", headlines "Moses Taylor hunts people" ... Charlton Heston The name Moses Taylor is a combination of two of Heston’s most famous movie roles, Moses in The Ten Commandments and Taylor in Planet of the Apes ...
Burning Love (Arrested Development) - Plot
... asks Lucille if she can borrow a fur for her date with the actor Moses Taylor ... Lindsay, dressed in a fur coat, is meeting Moses Taylor for their date in the park ... Moses returns to find Lindsay knocked out, and leaves her on a bench ...
Moses Taylor - Descendants
... portion of their fortunes to an inheritance from Moses Taylor ... The Winthrop family descendants of John Winthrop inherited the wealth of Moses's daughter Katherine Wilson Taylor (1839–1925) who married Robert Winthrop (1833–1892) ... The Pyne family of New York and New Jersey inherited the wealth of Moses's daughter Albertina Shelton Taylor (1833–1900) who married Percy Rivington Pyne (182 ...
Percy R. Pyne - Biography
... New York City, the son of Percy Rivington Pyne I (1820-1895) and Albertina Shelton Taylor ... His maternal grandfather was Moses Taylor, founder of the First National City Bank of New York and a stockholder in the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad ... His older brother, Moses Taylor Pyne, inherited much of the family fortune and was a major benefactor of Princeton University ...

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