What is mixture?


In chemistry, a mixture is a material system made up of two or more different substances which are mixed but are not combined chemically. A mixture refers to the physical combination of two or more substances on which the identities are retained and are mixed in the form of alloys, solutions, suspensions, and colloids.

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Mixture - Physics and Chemistry
... A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture of two or more chemical substances (elements or compounds} ... Examples are mixtures of sand and water or sand and iron filings, a conglomerate rock, water and oil, a salad, trail mix, and concrete (not cement) ... A mixture of powdered silver metal and powdered gold metal would represent a heterogeneous mixture of two elements ...
... In French cuisine the resulting mixture is used to stuff tartlets, canap├ęs, croquettes, rissoles, timbales, vol-au-vents, croustades, eggs, roulades, etc ... In Central American cuisine, the term refers to a salad mixture containing thinly sliced or chopped flank steak, onion, oregano, tomatoes, and vinegar ... The mixture is commonly served with beef soup ...
Sports Mixture
... Sports Mixture is a confectionery product manufactured by Maynards in the UK, formerly by Lion Confectionery ... Lion brand has since been adopted by Tangerine Confectionery who manufacture Sports Mixture to the original Lion Confectionary version ...
Powder Mixture
... If two different powders are mixed perfectly, three theoretical powder mixtures can be obtained the random mixture, the ordered mixture or the interactive mixture ...
Coconut Candy - Manufacturing Process
... The next step is the addition of malt syrup and sugar to this mixture of coconut milk and cream ... The mixture is then heated to a very high temperature in large woks over fires generated by the burning of coconut shells ... While being heated, the mixture is stirred continuously to ensure even heat distribution ...

More definitions of "mixture":

  • (noun): Any foodstuff made by combining different ingredients.
    Example: "He drank a mixture of beer and lemonade"
    Synonyms: concoction, intermixture
  • (noun): (chemistry) a substance consisting of two or more substances mixed together (not in fixed proportions and not with chemical bonding).
  • (noun): An event that combines things in a mixture.
    Example: "A gradual mixture of cultures"
    Synonyms: mix

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    Men, my dear, are very queer animals, a mixture of horse- nervousness, ass-stubbornness, and camel-malice—with an angel bobbing about unexpectedly like the apple in the posset, and when they can do exactly as they please, they are very hard to drive.
    Oh, England. Sick in head and sick in heart,
    Sick in whole and every part,
    And yet sicker thou art still
    For thinking that thou art not ill.
    Thomas Henry Anonymous (1825–95)

    I endeavor not to conceal that I believe there is a great mixture of desire in the passion which is called love—or rather, without any far-fetched strain on words, it may be called the companion of love.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)

    The first place he went into was the Royal Exchange .... where men of all ages and all nations were assembled, with no other view than to barter for interest. The countenances of most of the people showed they were filled with anxiety; some indeed appeared pleased, but yet it was with a mixture of fear.... [David] resolved to stay no longer in a place where riches were esteemed goodness, and deceit, low cunning, and giving up all things to the love of gain were thought wisdom.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)