What is metric?

  • (noun): A decimal unit of measurement of the metric system (based on meters and kilograms and seconds).
    Example: "Convert all the measurements to metric units"; "it is easier to work in metric"
    Synonyms: metric unit
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Some articles on metric, metrics:

Subshift Of Finite Type - Metric
... A variety of different metrics can be defined on a shift space ... One can define a metric on a shift space by considering two points to be "close" if they have many initial symbols in common this is the p-adic metric ... one- and two-sided shift spaces are compact metric spaces ...
Metric - Other
... Metric (band), a Canadian indie rock band. ...
British Weights And Measures Association - Aim of The BWMA
... system and to oppose the compulsory imposition of the Metric system in the UK ... schoolchildren had been educated using only metric measures since 1974 (earlier in some places), and British industry had changed to using metric tools and equipment ...
Metrication In The United Kingdom - 1965 Onwards - Other Sectors
... the Retriangulation of Great Britain in 1936, using metric measures ... A metric National Grid was then used as the basis for maps published by the Ordnance Survey from World War II onwards, the War Office maps having had a metric ... The adoption of a metric scale was part of the national metrication process the best-selling 1 inch to the mile range of maps was replaced with the 150000 range in 1974 ...

More definitions of "metric":

  • (noun): A function of a topological space that gives, for any two points in the space, a value equal to the distance between them.
    Synonyms: metric function
  • (adj): Based on the meter as a standard of measurement.
    Example: "The metric system"
    Synonyms: metrical
  • (noun): A system of related measures that facilitates the quantification of some particular characteristic.
    Synonyms: system of measurement