What is meteor?

  • (noun): A streak of light in the sky at night that results when a meteoroid hits the earth's atmosphere and air friction causes the meteoroid to melt or vaporize or explode.
    Synonyms: shooting star
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METEOR (Metric for Evaluation of Translation with Explicit ORdering) is a metric for the evaluation of machine translation output. The metric is based on the harmonic mean of unigram precision and recall, with recall weighted higher than precision. It also has several features that are not found in other metrics, such as stemming and synonymy matching, along with the standard exact word matching. The metric was designed to fix some of the problems found in the more popular BLEU metric, and also produce good correlation with human judgement at the sentence or segment level This differs from the BLEU metric in that BLEU seeks correlation at the corpus level.

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C.O.R.E. (video Game) - Story
... begins in the year 2028, when a massive meteor impacts California's Mojave Desert ... is built to examine the extraterrestrial origins and the bizarre effects that the meteor is having on the natural environment and the people who come in contact with it ... The game takes place twenty years after the meteor's arrival on earth, 2048, when all communications are lost with the C.O.R.E ...
Meteor (train)
... The Meteor was a named passenger train operated by the St ... The name was shared with a branch line Meteor running between Monett, Missouri, and Paris, Texas ... trains should not be confused with Amtrak's Silver Meteor ...
... METeOR (Metadata Online Registry), Australia’s repository for national metadata standards for health, housing and community services statistics and information ... METeOR is a Metadata registry based on the 2003 version of the ISO/IEC 11179 Information technology - Metadata registries standard ... METeOR was developed to store, manage and disseminate metadata in the Australian health, community services and housing assistance sectors ...
Champion (train) - History - Amtrak
... occasions throughout the 1970s Amtrak would combine the Champion with its old rival the Silver Meteor ... Petersburg and the renamed Meteor section passing west of Jacksonville via Thalmann, Georgia, and Callahan, Florida, on former Seaboard tracks to Miami ... changes the split occurred at Jacksonville, and the Meteor again became the Silver Meteor ...

More definitions of "meteor":

  • (noun): (astronomy) any of the small solid extraterrestrial bodies that hits the earth's atmosphere.
    Synonyms: meteoroid

Famous quotes containing the word meteor:

    The meteor that thrusts in with needle bill,
    And off a blossom in mid-air stands still.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)