What is Maya?

  • (noun): A family of American Indian languages spoken by Mayan peoples.
    Synonyms: Mayan, Mayan language
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The Red Star - Comics - Volume 2: Nokgorka - Issues 5-9
... Subsequent issues chronicle the further adventures of Maya and Marcus, who lives on in the spirit realm, working from within to undo the tyranny of Imbohl's legacy ... In issue 9, Maya is contacted by The Red Woman, who explains the source of the world's magical power and what Marcus has been doing since he went missing ... Konstantinov, led by Maya's brother-in-law Urik Antares, mutinying and fighting their way to a transport gate ...
Maya - Other
... Maya, a football club in El Salvador Maya, the name for a number of different birds in various Philippine languages, including Philippine Oriole Eurasian Tree Sparrow Black-headed Munia MAYA, the ...
Eeny Teeny Maya Moe - Cultural References
... Also, upon learning that Maya finds him attractive, Moe joyfully utters the nonsense phrase "Oh, frabjulous day, calloo callay!" which is a reference to a similar line in the ... When Moe turns on the television in Maya's house, it is showing a scene from Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory featuring the Oompa Loompas singing ... Maya tells Moe that the photo of herself she shared with Moe over the internet was taken at Legoland ...
... the name of Petexbatún State to a group of cities during the Classic period of the Maya Civilization that include Seibal, Itzan, Dos Pilas, Aguateca, Tamarindito, Punta de Chimino, Nacimiento, and others ... This State was the first to be abandoned in the Late Classic, when the Maya Collapse occurred in a south to north pattern, although Seibal, may have been reoccupied by a foreign group, possibly the Put ... findings here have given a lot of information about the Collapse of the Classic Maya Civilization ...
Ente Sooryaputhrikku - Plot
... Maya (Amala) was a spoiled child of a rich man ... Maya discovers that her father had adopted her when she was baby and her biological mother was K ... Finally her mother accepts Maya, but before she make this news to public, she is murdered by her administration employees for Vasundhara Devi's wealth ...

More definitions of "Maya":

  • (noun): A member of an American Indian people of Yucatan and Belize and Guatemala who had a culture (which reached its peak between AD 300 and 900) characterized by outstanding architecture and pottery and astronomy.
    Synonyms: Mayan
  • (noun): An ethnic minority speaking Mayan languages and living in Yucatan and adjacent areas.