What is makeshift?

  • (adj): Done or made using whatever is available.
    Example: "The rock served as a makeshift hammer"
    Synonyms: improvised, jury-rigged
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Some articles on makeshift:

Makeshift (Transformers) - Transformers: Prime - Prime
... This fourth version of Makeshift first appeared in the episode "Con Job", where he impersonated the Autobot Wheeljack ... Wheeljack's best friend, sensed that something was off and tricked Makeshift into slipping up by making him retell a battle that he wasn't present for ... Exposed, Makeshift is forced to take Miko hostage ...
Makeshift (Transformers) - Transformers: Armada
... Makeshift Mini-Con Information Sub-group Emergency Team, Triple Changers Partner Firebot Prowl Motto "When the battle is over our job begins." Alternate Modes V-22 ... Makeshift is very selfless, helping others without concern to himself ...
Makeshift Theatre Company
... The Makeshift Theatre Company (or M.T.C) is a family-oriented theatre company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and in residence at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, Massachusetts. 2006 the group restructured to become The Makeshift Theatre Company ...
Makeshift Miracle
... Makeshift Miracle is a surreal fantasy coming-of-age story created by Jim Zubkavich suitable for young teen readers ... In February 2002 Makeshift Miracle became one of the launch titles part of the web comics umbrella known as Modern Tales and stayed as part of the MT archive structure until it finished its run in March 2003 ... In July 2003 Makeshift Miracle was offered for 99 cents as a complete digital graphic novel through Bitpass ...
Functions - Tool Substitution
... can substitute for other tools, either as a makeshift solution or as a matter of practical efficiency ... "by-design", or "multi-purpose" use, and substitution as makeshift ... Substitution as makeshift is when human ingenuity comes into play and a tool is used for its unintended purpose such as a mechanic using a long screw driver to separate a cars control arm from a ball joint ...

More definitions of "makeshift":

  • (noun): Something contrived to meet an urgent need or emergency.
    Synonyms: stopgap