What is lurch?

  • (noun): An unsteady uneven gait.
    Synonyms: stumble, stagger
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LURCH is a tool for software design debugging that uses a nondeterministic algorithm to quickly explore the reachable states of a software model. By performing a partial and random search, LURCH looks for faults in the model and reports the pathways leading to the faults.

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... Mitchell (Bay City Rollers) "The Gift" Sex With Lurch "The Good, the Bad and the Lurchy" Sex With Lurch "Sex With Lurch" Sex With Lurch "Sex With Lurch 2" Sex With Lurch "Best of Sex With Lurch" Sex With Lurch "Se ...
Lurch (The Addams Family) - Characterization
... Lurch is a 6 ft 9 in (206 cm) tall,shambling, gloomy butler who somewhat resembles Frankenstein's monster (as played by Boris Karloff) ... On the Addams Family television series, Lurch has a deep, resonant voice not unlike that of Herman Munster, a character on the show's main competitor, The Munsters ... Although fully capable of normal speech, Lurch often communicates via simple inarticulate moans, which, much like the dialogue of Cousin Itt, his employers have no trouble understanding ...
Clan McDuck - Contemporary McDucks - Lurch McDuck
... Lurch McDuck, also known as Sheik Beak, is Scrooge McDuck's cousin in the 1968 story "The Doony Desert Dilemma" Vic Lockman and Tony Strobl ... An imposter calling himself Lurch Duck and claiming to be Scrooge's long-lost cousin attempts to defraud Scrooge of half his fortune ...
Lurch (The Addams Family) - Influence
... On October 30, 1965, a song and dance based on Lurch, entitled "The Lurch", were introduced on the ABC music program Shindig! ... This mirrored an earlier episode of the television series, entitled "Lurch, the Teenage Idol" (which was remade in 1999 for The New Addams Family) ... In it, Lurch records a song on his harpischord and becomes a pop sensation ...
Decisions On Using LURCH
... in argue that LURCH is no less safe than conventional deterministic algorithms for software model analysis that LURCH is simple, competent, fast ... cycle_check requires hash table cycle_check(state) function lurch(max_paths, max_depth) repeat max_paths times // set all machines to initial state for m in ...

More definitions of "lurch":

  • (verb): Defeat by a lurch.
    Synonyms: skunk
  • (noun): A decisive defeat in a game (especially in cribbage).
  • (verb): Move slowly and unsteadily.
    Example: "The truck lurched down the road"
  • (noun): The act of moving forward suddenly.
    Synonyms: lunge
  • (noun): Abrupt up-and-down motion (as caused by a ship or other conveyance).
    Synonyms: pitch, pitching
  • (verb): Loiter about, with no apparent aim.
    Synonyms: prowl