What is lu zhishen?

Lu Zhishen

Lu Zhishen, nicknamed "Flowery Monk", or Sagacious Lu (the name his abbot gave him), is a fictional character in the Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. He is the lead character in the first major story cycle of the novel, in which he comes to epitomize loyalty, strength, justice but also brashness. He ranks 13th of the 36 Heavenly Spirits of the 108 Liangshan heroes.

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List Of Water Margin Minor Characters - Lu Zhishen's Story
... Further information Lu Zhishen Jin Cuilian (traditional Chinese 金翠蓮 simplified Chinese 金翠莲 pinyin Jīn Cuìlián) is a young woman who is ... her plight and draws the attention of Lu Zhishen (then Major Lu Da) ... After listening to her plight, Lu is furious and he goes to confront Zheng and ends up killing the latter in a fit of anger ...
Lu Zhishen - Death
... Lu Zhishen is one of the few survivors from Liangshan after the campaigns, and his unwitting capture of Fang La officially ends the punitive expedition against the rebel leader ... Despite Song Jiang's pleas, Lu Zhishen refuses to take up an official post or become ordained as an abbot in some big monastery ... On their first night in the pagoda, Lu Zhishen is awakened by the sudden crashing of tides on the nearby Qiantang River ...
Lin Chong - Framed and Exiled
... Once, Lin Chong meets Lu Zhishen while accompanying his wife to the temple and becomes sworn brothers with Lu ... He enlists the help of Lin Chong's friend Lu Qian, asking Lu Qian to distract Lin Chong by asking him out for drinks ... Lu Zhishen follows Lin Chong secretly and saves him from death in Wild Boar Forest ...