What is locomotion?

  • (noun): The power or ability to move.
    Synonyms: motive power, motivity
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Some articles on locomotion:

Scotoplanes - Locomotion
... tube feet that have taken on a leg-like appearance, and are the only instance of legged locomotion amongst the holothurians, using water cavities within the ...
Arboreal Locomotion
... Arboreal locomotion is the locomotion of animals in trees ... In every habitat in which trees are present, animals have evolved to move in them ...
Aquatic Locomotion - See Also
... Swimming portal Fish fins Role of skin in locomotion Tradeoffs for locomotion in air and water Undulatory locomotion ...
Locomotion - Fiction and Entertainment
... Chris Sawyer's Locomotion, a 2004 computer game by Chris Sawyer Loco-Motion (arcade game), a 1982 arcade game by Konami "The Loco-Motion", a 1960s hit song ...
Ctenophores - Description - Common Features - Locomotion
... It is uncertain how ctenophores control their buoyancy, but experiments have shown that some species rely on osmotic pressure to adapt to water of different densities ... Their body fluids are normally as concentrated as seawater ...

More definitions of "locomotion":

  • (noun): Self-propelled movement.
    Synonyms: travel