What is lamia?

  • (noun): (folklore) a corpse that rises at night to drink the blood of the living.
    Synonyms: vampire


In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia (Greek: Λάμια) was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating daemon. Aristophanes claimed her name derived from the Greek word for gullet (λαιμός; laimos), referring to her habit of devouring children.

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List Of Fairy Tail Members - Major Characters, Groups and Organizations - Lamia Scale
... Lamia Scale (蛇姫の鱗(ラミアスケイル), Ramia Sukeiru?) is a prominent official guild in the Fiore Kingdom, led by Ooba Babasaama ... the series's present, several of its members leave Lamia Scale to help the renegade wizard Lyon Vastia revive the demon Deliora and take revenge against it for causing their families ... Lamia Scale later appears as one of the four guilds besides Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, and Cait Shelter to form an alliance against Oración Seis ...
... In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia (Greek Λάμια) was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating daemon ... In the myth, Lamia is a mistress of the god Zeus, causing Zeus' jealous wife, Hera, to kill all of Lamia's children (except for Scylla, who is herself cursed) and transform her into a monster that hunts and ... Another version has Hera merely stealing away all of Lamia's children and it being Lamia herself, losing her mind from grief and despair, who starts stealing and ...
Lamia - In Popular Culture - Roleplaying Games
... The lamia was introduced to D D in the first edition of Advanced Dungeons Dragons (1977), with an illustration by David C ... Sutherland III, followed by a variant, the lamia noble, in the Fiend Folio (1981) ... The lamia and lamia noble were kept in 2nd edition, appearing in the Monstrous Compendium Volume Two (1989), and are reprinted in the Monstrous Manual (1993) ...
Lamiae - In Popular Culture
... Lamia is the title of an 1819 narrative poem written by English poet John Keats ... of Fire and Ice contains a short story entitled "A Lamia in the Cévennes", which references Keats poem ... The character Brawne Lamia appears in Dan Simmons' novels Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion ...
Sadastor - Plot Summary
... the frame story begins in Egypt when the "sphinx was young," with an (unnamed) lamia sitting upon a ridge near the Nile River, who, due to her infamy, has ... Charnadis, a demon speaking with the lamia, provides the narrative for the further story, told to brighten the lamia's day ... The narrative ends with Charnadis chiding the lamia, and advising that she reflect on the siren's fate, which was infinitely worse than the Lamia's own ...