What is kernel?

  • (noun): The inner and usually edible part of a seed or grain or nut or fruit stone.
    Synonyms: meat
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SIGVTALRM - Relationship With Hardware Exceptions
... systems, this event automatically changes the processor context to start executing a kernel exception handler ... In case of some exceptions, such as a page fault, the kernel has sufficient information to fully handle the event itself and resume the process's execution ... Other exceptions, however, the kernel cannot process intelligently and it must instead defer the exception handling operation to the faulting process ...
Kernel - Science
... Atomic nucleus A seed of some plants Corn kernel Palm kernel. ...
Scheduler Activations
... system's process scheduler, provides kernel-level thread functionality with user-level thread flexibility and performance ... strategy that maps some N number of application threads onto some M number of kernel entities, or "virtual processors." This is a compromise between kernel-level ("11") and ... more complex to implement than either kernel or user threads, because both changes to kernel and user-space code are required ...
MCC Interim Linux - History
... These were two 5¼" diskettes consisting of the kernel and the minimum tools required to get started ... The first release of MCC Interim Linux was based on version 0.12 of the Linux kernel and made use of Theodore Ts'o's ramdisk code to copy a small root image to memory from the previously wasted space of the ... and test every binary file under the current versions of the kernel, gcc, and libraries ...
Mária Török - Writings - Psychoanalytic Theory
... simultaneously concealing and revealing it, what of the actual kernel? For it is the kernel which, invisible but active, confers its meaning upon the whole construction ... This kernel, the active principle of psychoanalytic theory, will not show through unless all the apparent contradictions have found their explanation' ...

More definitions of "kernel":

  • (noun): A single whole grain of a cereal.
    Example: "A kernel of corn"

Famous quotes containing the word kernel:

    We should never stand upon ceremony with sincerity. We should never cheat and insult and banish one another by our meanness, if there were present the kernel of worth and friendliness. We should not meet thus in haste.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    After night’s thunder far away had rolled
    The fiery day had a kernel sweet of cold
    Edward Thomas (1878–1917)

    All true histories contain instruction; though, in some, the treasure may be hard to find, and when found, so trivial in quantity that the dry, shrivelled kernel scarcely compensates for the trouble of cracking the nut.
    Anne Brontë (1820–1849)