What is jacket?

  • (noun): An outer wrapping or casing.
    Example: "Phonograph records were sold in cardboard jackets"
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A jacket hip- or waist-length garment for the upper body. A jacket typically has sleeves, and fastens in the front. A jacket is generally lighter, tighter-fitting, and less insulating than a coat, which is outerwear. Some jackets are fashionable, while others serve as protective clothing.

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List of Jackets
... Arctic jacket, or anorak (in the United Kingdom) or parka, a hooded jacket for very cold climates Ball jacket, often specified as a baseball jacket or football jacket, a ... Bolero, a very short jacket for women, originally worn by matadors Bodyscapes, a type of raincoat worn by children ... Bomber jacket Boucle Jacket Caraco, a woman's jacket of the 18th century ...
Mess Jacket (civil)
... The mess jacket is a type of formal jacket that ends at the waist ... The jackets have shawl or peak lapels. 1930s it became a popular alternative to the white dinner jacket in hot and tropical weather for black tie occasions ...
Cognitive Capture - Possible Causes - Expectation
... and that person knows their friend (person Y) was wearing a yellow jacket ... However, if person Y took off the jacket, there is a chance person X could walk right past person Y and not notice because he/she was looking for the yellow jacket ...
Straitjacket (disambiguation)
... Straitjacket may also refer to Strait-Jacket, a 1964 Columbia Pictures film starring Joan Crawford Straight-Jacket, a 2004 gay-themed romantic comedy film Strait Jacket, a 2007 ...
List Of United States Marine Corps Individual Equipment - Historical Items
... The following items are obsolete and no longer issued Armor Flak jacket Doron Plate M1 Helmet M1917 Helmet "Brodie" helmet Load-bearing equipment MOLLE M-195 ... Other M-1965 field jacket M-1951 field jacket M-1941 Field Jacket M42 jacket P-38 can opener mess kit ...

More definitions of "jacket":

  • (noun): (dentistry) an artificial crown fitted over a broken or decayed tooth.
    Synonyms: jacket crown
  • (verb): Put a jacket on.
    Example: "The men were jacketed"
  • (noun): A short coat.
  • (noun): The outer skin of a potato.
  • (verb): Provide with a thermally non-conducting cover.
    Example: "The tubing needs to be jacketed"
  • (noun): The tough metal shell casing for certain kinds of ammunition.

Famous quotes containing the word jacket:

    And what’s romance? Usually, a nice little tale where you have everything As You Like It, where rain never wets your jacket and gnats never bite your nose and it’s always daisy-time.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)

    Old age begins in the nursery, and before the young American is put into jacket and trowsers, he says, “I want something which I never saw before” and “I wish I was not I.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)