What is interchange file format?

Interchange File Format

Interchange File Format (IFF), is a generic container file format originally introduced by the Electronic Arts company in 1985 (in cooperation with Commodore-Amiga) in order to ease transfer of data between software produced by different companies.

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Notation Interchange File Format
... Notation Interchange File Format (NIFF) is a music notation file format used primarily for transferring music notation between different scorewriters ... The NIFF project was started in February 1994 to create an open format that would allow exchange of music between various scanning / Music OCR, editing and typesetting programs ... The NIFF format itself is based upon RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format), a file structure provided by Microsoft, in which data is divided into Lists, Chunks and Tags ...
Interchange File Format - Structure
... An IFF file is built up from chunks ... This is followed by a 32-bit unsigned integer (all integers in IFF files' structure are big-endian) specifying the size of the following data (the chunk content) in bytes ... Chunks must begin on even file offsets, as befits the origins of IFF on the Motorola 68000 processor, which couldn't address quantities larger than a byte on odd addresses ...

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