What is infinite?

  • (adj): Total and all-embracing.
    Example: "God's infinite wisdom"
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Some articles on infinite:

Brahmajala Sutta (Theravada) - Eighteen Beliefs About The Past - The Universe
... The beliefs on the universe is based on the speculation about the infinite or the limited nature of the universe ... The universe is infinite ... The universe is horizontally limited but vertically infinite ...
Controversy Over Cantor's Theory - Objection To The Axiom of Infinity
... Finitism A common objection to Cantor's theory of infinite number involves the axiom of infinity ... question whether the universe is finite or infinite" ... Another objection is that the use of infinite sets is not adequately justified by analogy to finite sets ...
Derald Langham - Genesa
... jewelers, had "the full potential for infinite love, for infinite wisdom, for infinite form, for infinite energy, for infinite power, for the Soul, for eternal time, for infinite velocity, for infinite faith ... an Archimedean solid or a cuboctahedron, held infinite potential for people to bond with the energies in their lives ...
Controversy Over Cantor's Theory - Reception of The Argument
... there." Many mathematicians agreed with Kronecker that the completed infinite may be part of philosophy or theology, but that it has no proper place in mathematics ... mathematicians reason about the finite world, for example the use of infinite limit cases in calculus ... The infinite was deemed to have at most a potential existence, rather than an actual existence ...
Infinite Switch
... An infinite switch or infinite controller is a type of switch that allows variable power output and is so called because its average output is infinitely variable rather than being limited to a few switched levels ... Therefore, infinite switches vary the average power delivered to a device by oscillating quickly between on and off states ...

More definitions of "infinite":

  • (adj): Of verbs; having neither person nor number nor mood (as a participle or gerund or infinitive).
    Example: "Infinite verb form"
    Synonyms: non-finite
  • (adj): Having no limits or boundaries in time or space or extent or magnitude.
    Example: "The infinite ingenuity of man"; "infinite wealth"

Famous quotes containing the word infinite:

    His hair has the long jesuschrist look. He is wearing the costume clothes. But most of all, he now has a very tolerant and therefore withering attitude toward all those who are still struggling in the old activist political ways ... while he, with the help of psychedelic chemicals, is exploring the infinite regions of human consciousness.
    Tom Wolfe (b. 1931)

    The consciousness in each man is a sliding scale, which identifies him now with the First Cause, and now with the flesh of his body; life above life, in infinite degrees.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    I feel that the Godhead is broken up like the bread at the Supper, and that we are the pieces. Hence this infinite fraternity of feeling.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)