What is illogical?

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Dance Remixes - Track Listings
... Tristana" (remix club) (710) "Sans logique" (illogical club remix) (711) "Allan" (extended mix) (757) "Ainsi soit je..." (maxi remix) (710) "Plus grandir" (mother's live remix) (625) "À quoi je sers ...
Neosapien - Background
... in military contexts with Neosapiens having poor reactions to unexpected, illogical, or deceptive behavior ... kind of behavior from humans, a small few are shown to expect illogical behavior on the part of humans and act accordingly ... (Though still logically, thus having them react logically to illogical situations) ...
Richard D. Ryder - Animal Rights Advocacy - Speciesism
... that Ryder used the term in the pamphlet to address experiments on animals that he regarded as illogical, and which, he argued, a fully informed moral agent would challenge ... (human-chimpanzee speciesism) might be seen as similarly illogical ... He argued that speciesism is as illogical as racism, writing that "species" and "race" are both vague terms, and asked "If, under special conditions, it were one day found possible to cross a professor of ...

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  • (adj): Lacking in correct logical relation.
    Synonyms: unlogical

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    When in a serious mood, it seems to me that those people are illogical who feel an aversion toward death. As far as I can see, life consists exclusively of horrors, unpleasantnesses and banalities, now merging, now alternating.
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)