What is Herbert?

  • (noun): United States musician and composer and conductor noted for his comic operas (1859-1924).
    Synonyms: Victor Herbert

Famous quotes containing the word herbert:

    Holinesse on the head,
    Light and perfections on the breast,
    Harmonious bells below, raising the dead
    To leade them unto life and rest.
    Thus are true Aarons drest.
    —George Herbert (1593–1633)

    A broken altar, Lord, thy servant rears,
    Made of a heart, and cemented with tears:
    Whose parts are as thy hand did frame;
    No workman’s tool hath touched the same.
    —George Herbert (1593–1633)

    Only if loves fire with the breath
    Of life be kindled, I doubt,
    With our last air ‘twill be breath’d out,
    And quenched with the cold of death.
    —Edward Herbert (1583–1648)