What is gradation?

  • (noun): The act of arranging in grades.
    Synonyms: graduation
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Finnish Phonotactics - Consonants - Consonant Gradation
... "Consonant gradation" is the term used for a set of alternations which pervade the language, between a "strong grade" and a "weak grade" ... Consonant gradation appears as degemination in case of the geminates and as a change to an homorganic consonant for single plosives ... tavata "to meet" → tapaan "I meet" Because one of the triggers for consonant gradation is syllable structure, some exceptions in consonant ...

More definitions of "gradation":

  • (noun): A degree of ablaut.
    Synonyms: grade
  • (noun): Relative position in a graded series.
    Synonyms: step

Famous quotes containing the word gradation:

    Atheism..., that bugbear of women and fools, is the very top and perfection of free-thinking. It is the grand arcanum to which a true genius naturally riseth, by a certain climax or gradation of thought, and without which he can never possess his soul in absolute liberty and repose.
    George Berkeley (1685–1753)

    The mastery of one’s phonemes may be compared to the violinist’s mastery of fingering. The violin string lends itself to a continuous gradation of tones, but the musician learns the discrete intervals at which to stop the string in order to play the conventional notes. We sound our phonemes like poor violinists, approximating each time to a fancied norm, and we receive our neighbor’s renderings indulgently, mentally rectifying the more glaring inaccuracies.
    W.V. Quine (b. 1908)