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Gotham, Wisconsin - History
... The name Gotham came from Captain M.W ... Gotham (1842-1902), the friend of one of the local store owners ... Gotham died with his sons, Lucius and Myron, during a violent storm in the Great Lakes in 1902 ...
Bill Ackman - Career
... with a fellow Harvard graduate, the investment firm Gotham Partners, which made small investments in public companies In 1995, Ackman's reputation was enhanced when he ... of the bid caused investors to flock to Gotham Partners growing it to $500 million in assets by 1998 ... In 2002, Ackman began winding down Gotham Partners which had become entrenched in litigation with various outside shareholders who also owned an interest in the same companies which Gotham invested ...
Batman: GCPD
... Batman GCPD, subtitle "Gotham City Police Department" on the cover trade dress, was a comic book miniseries written in 1996 by Chuck Dixon and drawn by Jim Aparo and Bill Sienkiewicz ... Lasting four issues and detailing the exploits of the Gotham City police department, it precedes the better known Gotham Central by several years ...
Lego Batman: The Videogame - Plot
... game features Batman and Robin fighting crime and villainy in Gotham City ... villain with plans to achieve a personal goal Riddler is after the city savings in the Gotham Gold Reserves ... Penguin plans to seize control of Gotham using remote-controlled penguin robots ...

Famous quotes containing the word gotham:

    Three wise men of Gotham
    Went to sea in a bowl;
    If the bowl had been stronger,
    My story would have been longer.
    Mother Goose (fl. 17th–18th century. Three wise men of Gotham (l. 1–4)