What is gauge?

  • (noun): The thickness of wire.
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Gauge - In Other Contexts
... Gauge, Inc ... a manufacturer of microphones and audio accessories Gauge (knitting), the number of stitches in a given length Change of gauge (aviation), when an ...
Loading Gauge
... A loading gauge defines the maximum height and width for railway vehicles and their loads to ensure safe passage through bridges, tunnels and other structures ... Classifications systems vary between different countries and gauges may vary across a network, even if the track gauge remains constant ...
Wolseley, South Australia
... A broad (1600 mm) gauge railway was opened to Adelaide and Melbourne in 1886 ... the Millicent - Mount Gambier narrow (1067 mm) gauge railway was extended to Wolseley, creating a break-of-gauge rail junction ... In the 1950s the break-of-gauge was abolished by the conversion of the Mount Gambier line to broad gauge ...
Gauge Anomaly
... In theoretical physics, a gauge anomaly is an example of an anomaly it is an effect of quantum mechanics—usually a one-loop diagram—that invalidates the gauge ... of a gauge theory ... Anomalies in gauge symmetries lead to an inconsistency, since a gauge symmetry is required in order to cancel unphysical degrees of freedom with a negative norm (such as a photon polarized in ...
Gauge Anomaly - Calculation of The Anomaly
... In vector gauge anomalies (in gauge symmetries whose gauge boson is a vector), the anomaly is a chiral anomaly, and can be calculated exactly at one loop level, via a Feynman diagram with a chiral fermion running in ... If there is a gauge anomaly, the resulting action will not be gauge invariant ... If we denote by the operator corresponding to an infinitesimal gauge transformation by ε, then the Frobenius consistency condition requires that for any functional, including ...

More definitions of "gauge":

  • (verb): Measure precisely and against a standard.
    Example: "The wire is gauged"
  • (verb): Rub to a uniform size.
    Example: "Gauge bricks"
  • (verb): Mix in specific proportions.
    Example: "Gauge plaster"
  • (noun): Accepted or approved instance or example of a quantity or quality against which others are judged or measured or compared.
    Synonyms: standard of measurement
  • (verb): Determine the capacity, volume, or contents of by measurement and calculation.
    Example: "Gauge the wine barrels"
  • (noun): A measuring instrument for measuring and indicating a quantity such as the thickness of wire or the amount of rain etc..
    Synonyms: gage
  • (verb): Adapt to a specified measurement.
    Example: "Gauge the instruments"
  • (noun): The distance between the rails of a railway or between the wheels of a train.