What is gang?

  • (verb): Act as an organized group.
    Synonyms: gang up
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A gang is a group of recurrently associating individuals or close friends with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in a community, and engaging either individually or collectively in violent or other forms of illegal behavior. Gang members are typically "jumped in" or have to prove their loyalty by committing acts such as theft or violence. Although gangs exist internationally, there is a greater level of study and knowledgeable information of gangs specifically in the United States.

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Some articles on gang:

Gang Membership in The US Military
... Gang members in uniform use their military knowledge, skills and weapons to commit and facilitate various crimes ... As of April 2011, the NGIC has identified members of at least 53 gangs whose members have served in or are affiliated with US military ... Department investigator, said there is an online network of gangs and extremists "They're communicating with each other about weapons, about ...
Gang Signal - Clothing
... Clothing is a strong signal that all gangs show ... The clothing gangs wear allows rival gangs to identify who is friend and who is foe ... For example, the uniform for Hispanic gangs are standard and easily recognizable ...
South Dakota Department Of Corrections - Prison Gang Activity
... leading to 2010, prison staff have identified approximately 150 different gangs in South Dakota's State Prisons ... like the Gangster Disciples, an African American street gang and the Sureños, a Hispanic street gang ... Warden Doug Weber told KSFY-TV that two gangs actually formed at the South Dakota State Penitentiary the Family Brotherhood is an Ayran gang and the Red Brotherhood is a Native American gang ...
Gang Signal - Hand Signs
... "Throwing up" a gang sign (e.g ... where other identifiers may not be possible or appropriate, and it can also show that a gang member is in the area to "do business" as opposed to just passing through ... serve to relay more specific information, such as what set they represent within a larger gang or in which activities they are currently taking part ...
Dutch Mob
... The Dutch Mob was a New York pickpocket gang during the late nineteenth century ... Kurtz, and Johnny Irving, former members of the Italian Dave Gang, the Dutch Mob soon became one of the largest pickpocket gangs in the United States numbering around ... A common tactic of the gang was to stage a street fight and pickpocket the gathering crowd ...

More definitions of "gang":

  • (noun): An association of criminals.
    Example: "Police tried to break up the gang"
    Synonyms: pack, ring, mob
  • (noun): Tool consisting of a combination of implements arranged to work together.

Famous quotes containing the word gang:

    Till by and came Our Blessed Lady,
    Her dear young son her wi.

    “Will ye gang to your men again?
    Or will ye gang wi me?
    Will ye gang to the high heavens,
    Wi my dear son and me?”
    —Unknown. Brown Robyn’s Confession (l. 23–28)

    Raise your eyes and count the small gang of your oppressors who are only strong through the blood they suck from you and through your arms which you lend them unwillingly.
    Georg Büchner (1813–1837)

    We owe to genius always the same debt, of lifting the curtain from the common, and showing us that divinities are sitting disguised in the seeming gang of gypsies and peddlars.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)