What is galaxy?

  • (noun): Tufted evergreen perennial herb having spikes of tiny white flowers and glossy green round to heart-shaped leaves that become coppery to maroon or purplish in fall.
    Synonyms: galax, wandflower, beetleweed, coltsfoot, Galax urceolata
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A galaxy is a massive, gravitationally bound system consisting of stars, stellar remnants, an interstellar medium of gas and dust, and an important but poorly understood component called dark matter. The word galaxy is derived from the Greek galaxias (γαλαξίας), literally "milky", a reference to the Milky Way. Examples of galaxies range from dwarfs with as few as ten million (107) stars to giants with a hundred trillion (1014) stars, each orbiting their galaxy's own center of mass.

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NGC 6745
6745 (also known as UGC 11391) is an irregular galaxy about 206 million light-years (63.5 mega-parsecs) away in the constellation Lyra ... After passing through the larger galaxy (NGC 6745A), the smaller one (NGC 6745B) is now moving away ... The larger galaxy was probably a spiral galaxy before the collision, but was damaged and now appears peculiar ...
Galaxy 4 - In Print
... Doctor Who book Galaxy Four Series Target novelisations Release number 104 Writer William Emms Publisher Target Books Cover artist Andrew Skilleter ISBN 0-491-03691-4 ... It was correctly titled Galaxy 4 ...
... Boston Consulting Group, an international management consulting firm Astronomy Brightest cluster galaxy, the brightest and most massive galaxies in the universe Blue Compact Galaxy, a type of low mass ...
GRB 970228 - Host Galaxy
... He discovered a faint nebular patch at the burst's position, almost certainly a distant galaxy ... Although there was a remote chance that the burst and this galaxy were unrelated, their positional coincidence provided strong evidence that GRBs occur in distant ... was measurably offset from the centroid of the host galaxy, effectively ruling out the possibility that the burst originated in an active galactic nucleus ...
Galaxy - Multi-wavelength Observation
... flare was observed when a star in a distant galaxy was torn apart from the tidal forces of a black hole ...

More definitions of "galaxy":

  • (noun): A splendid assemblage (especially of famous people).
  • (noun): (astronomy) a collection of star systems; any of the billions of systems each having many stars and nebulae and dust.
    Example: "'extragalactic nebula' is a former name for 'galaxy'"
    Synonyms: extragalactic nebula

Famous quotes containing the word galaxy:

    for it is not so much to know the self
    as to know it as it is known
    by galaxy and cedar cone,
    as if birth had never found it

    and death could never end it:
    Archie Randolph Ammons (b. 1926)