What is Frisia?

  • (noun): An ancient region of northwestern Europe including the Frisian Islands.


Frisia or Friesland is a coastal region along the southeastern corner of the North Sea, i.e. the German Bight. Frisia is the traditional homeland of the Frisians, a Germanic people who speak Frisian, a language group closely related to the English language. Frisia extends from the northwestern Netherlands across northwestern Germany to the border of Denmark (Vidå).

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678) was the ruler of Frisia (as king or duke) in the late seventh century contemporarily with Dagobert II and a very obscure figure ... his way to Rome to seek papal support, landed in Frisia in 678 ... However, it has been doubted whether Wilfrid was actually successful in Frisia, since there is no other evidence of the success of Christianity there before ...
County Of East Frisia - County
... Originally East Frisia was part of the larger Frisian realm ... dynasty managed to establish its authority in practically all of East Frisia ... In 1464, Ulrich I of East Frisia was raised to the status of Count by Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor, and East Frisia became a county ...
Redbad II
... or 734–754 or 749–775) was a possible king of Frisia ... At this time Frisia had already been conquered by the Franks, and in 775, Charlemagne made Frisia officially part of the Frankish Realm ...
... People with this surname include Johannes Acronius (Atrocianus) Frisius (1520, Akkrum, Frisia - 1564), Frisian-Dutch mathematician and doctor Ruard Acronius (1546, Frisia - 1612 ...