What is flip?

  • (verb): Move with a flick or light motion.
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Mobile Phone Form Factors - Flip
... A flip (or clamshell) phone consists of two or more sections that are connected by hinges, allowing the phone to fold or flip in order to become more compact ... once owner of a trademark for the term flip phone, but the term flip phone has become genericized, and used more frequently than clamshell in colloquial speech ... Motorola was the manufacturer of the famed StarTAC flip phone ...
List Of Magic: The Gathering Keywords - Keywords From Expert-Level Expansions (mechanics) - Flip
... Flip is a keyword action that deals with specially printed cards known as "flip cards." Each of these cards has two sets of normal card attributes (e.g ... Flip cards enter the battlefield unflipped, with only the former set of attributes applying ... Once certain conditions are met, the player flips the card (by rotating it 180 degrees) into a different version—the latter set of attributes are now in effect ...
Flip - People
... Flip Benham (born 1948), American Baptists and anti-abortion leader Flip Cornett (1957–2004), American funk guitarist and bassist Flip Johnson (born ...
Darktown Strutters' Ball - Recorded Versions
... released by Columbia Records as catalog number A-2297, with the flip side "Indiana One Step") ... released by Pathe Records as catalog number 20282, with the flip side "Homeward Bound") Phil Brito (released by MGM Records as catalog number 11687, with the ... Records as catalog number A-2478, with the flip side "I'm All Bound Round with the Mason Dixon Line") Chick Webb recorded a version on January 15, 1934 in New ...
Shoeless Joe & Me - The Books - Satch & Me
... Joe and Flip Valentini go back in time with a radar gun to find out how fast Satchel Paige's pitching really was ... Then Joe Stoshack leaves Flip Valentini in the past in a climatic chase scene, and Flip lives his life over again ...

More definitions of "flip":

  • (noun): A dive in which the diver somersaults before entering the water.
  • (verb): Turn upside down, or throw so as to reverse.
    Example: "Flip over the pork chop"
    Synonyms: flip over, turn over
  • (verb): Throw or toss with a light motion.
    Example: "Flip me the beachball"
    Synonyms: toss, sky, pitch
  • (verb): Cause to go on or to be engaged or set in operation.
    Synonyms: throw, switch
  • (verb): Go mad, go crazy.
    Synonyms: flip out
  • (verb): Cause to move with a flick.
    Synonyms: flick
  • (noun): (sports) the act of throwing the ball to another member of your team.
    Synonyms: pass, toss
  • (noun): An acrobatic feat in which the feet roll over the head (either forward or backward) and return.
    Synonyms: somersault, somersaulting
  • (noun): Hot or cold alcoholic mixed drink containing a beaten egg.
  • (verb): Toss with a sharp movement so as to cause to turn over in the air.
    Synonyms: twitch
  • (verb): Lightly throw to see which side comes up.
    Example: "I don't know what to do--I may as well flip a coin!"
    Synonyms: toss
  • (noun): The act of flipping a coin.
    Synonyms: toss

Famous quotes containing the word flip:

    By act of Congress, male officers are gentlemen, but by act of God, we are ladies. We don’t have to be little mini-men and try to be masculine and use obscene language to come across. I can take you and flip you on the floor and put your arms behind your back and you’ll never move again, without your ever knowing that I can do it.
    Sherian Grace Cadoria (b. 1940)