What is fiber?

  • (noun): A slender and greatly elongated solid substance.
    Synonyms: fibre
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Fiber from the French Fibre (also spelled fibre) is a class of materials that are continuous filaments or are in discrete elongated pieces, similar to lengths of thread. A fiber is an elongated tapering thick-walled plant cell that imparts elasticity, flexibility, and tensile strength. They are very important in the biology of both plants and animals, for holding tissues together.

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Georgia Institute Of Technology College Of Engineering - Degrees - Undergraduate
... in Polymer and Fiber Engineering (Polymer Track) B.S ... in Polymer and Fiber Engineering (Fiber Track) ...
... ANTILLAS I is a fiber optic submarine communications cable that extends between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico ... It consists of six working optical fiber pairs with each fiber pair carrying four 155 Mbit/s Basic System Modules (BSMs), with each BSM containing sixty-three Minimum ...
Corchorus - Uses - Fiber
... The fibers from Corchorus (known as jute) are the most widely cultivated vegetable fiber after cotton ...
Buffer (optical Fiber)
... In a fiber optic cable, a buffer is one type of component used to encapsulate one or more optical fibers for the purpose of providing such functions as mechanical ... A loose buffer may contain more than one fiber, and sometimes contains a lubricating gel ... consists of a polymer coating in intimate contact with the primary coating applied to the fiber during manufacture ...
Synthetic Fibers - Microfibers
... in textiles refer to sub-denier fiber (such as polyester drawn to 0.5 dn) ... Denier and Detex are two measurements of fiber yield based on weight and length ... If the fiber density is known you also have a fiber diameter, otherwise it is simpler to measure diameters in micrometers ...

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  • (noun): The inherent complex of attributes that determine a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions.
    Synonyms: character, fibre
  • (noun): A leatherlike material made by compressing layers of paper or cloth.
    Synonyms: fibre, vulcanized fiber

Famous quotes containing the word fiber:

    I taught school in the early days of my manhood and I think I know something about mothers. There is a thread of aspiration that runs strong in them. It is the fiber that has formed the most unselfish creatures who inhabit this earth. They want three things only; for their children to be fed, to be healthy, and to make the most of themselves.
    Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908–1973)

    I am an invisible man.... I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids—and I might even be said to possess a mind. I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.
    Ralph Ellison (b. 1914)