What is empirical?

  • (adj): Relying on medical quackery.
    Synonyms: empiric
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Coordinative Definition - Objection
... Since they are defined in conventional, non-empirical terms, it is difficult to see how they can resolve empirical questions ... Even in the simple case of defining "the geodesic between two points" as the empirical phrase "a ray of light in a vacuum", the correspondence between ...
Larry Laudan
... Mere evidence collecting or empirical confirmation does not constitute the true mechanism of scientific advancement conceptual resolution and comparison of the solutions of anomalies ... and that scientific progress is possible when empirical data is diminished ... Finally, the better theory solves more conceptual problems while minimizing empirical anomalies ...
Empirical (jazz Band)
... Empirical is a British jazz group, formed in 2007, involving four young British jazz musicians ... The members of Empirical are Nathaniel Facey (alto saxophone), Shaney Forbes (drums), Lewis Wright (vibes player) (vibraphone) and Tom Farmer (bass player) (bass) ... Empirical has been presenting projects, performances and recordings since 2007 ...
Catalog Of Articles In Probability Theory - Core Probability: Selected Topics - Empirical Measure (emm)
... Donsker's theorem / (LUC) Empirical distribution function Empirical measure / (FLRG) (UD) Empirical process / (FLRG) (UD) Glivenko–Cantelli theorem / (FLRG) (UD) Khmaladze transformation / (FLRG) (UD) Vapnik–Cher ...
Single Vegetative Obstruction Model - Mathematical Formulations - Calculation of k
... k0 = Empirical constant (given in the table below) ... Rf = Empirical constant for frequency dependent attenuation ... A0 = Empirical attenuation constant (given in the table below) ...

More definitions of "empirical":

  • (adj): Derived from experiment and observation rather than theory.
    Example: "An empirical basis for an ethical theory"; "empirical laws"; "empirical data"; "an empirical treatment of a disease about which little is known"
    Synonyms: empiric

Famous quotes containing the word empirical:

    To develop an empiricist account of science is to depict it as involving a search for truth only about the empirical world, about what is actual and observable.... It must involve throughout a resolute rejection of the demand for an explanation of the regularities in the observable course of nature, by means of truths concerning a reality beyond what is actual and observable, as a demand which plays no role in the scientific enterprise.
    Bas Van Fraassen (b. 1941)