What is electric field?

  • (noun): A field of force surrounding a charged particle.

Electric Field

An electric field is the region of space surrounding electrically charged particles and time-varying magnetic fields. The electric field depicts the force exerted on other electrically charged objects by the electrically charged particle the field is surrounding. The concept of an electric field was introduced by Michael Faraday.

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Poole–Frenkel Effect
... The Poole–Frenkel effect describes how, in a large electric field, the electron doesn't need as much thermal energy to get into the conduction band (because part of ... effect is where J is the current density E is the applied electric field q is the elementary charge is the voltage barrier (in zero applied electric field) that an electron ...
Electric Field - Further Extensions - Constitutive Relation
... The E and D fields are related by the permittivity of the material, ε ... there is a position dependence throughout the material For anisotropic materials the E and D fields are not parallel, and so E and D are related by the ...
Satya Prakash - Selected Publications
... The Nature of Electric Field in E-Region Close to Morning and Evening Reversals (June 1976) Evidence of Two Types of Electron Density Irregularities in the Electrojet Over Thumba, India (June 1974 ...
Classical Electromagnetism And Special Relativity - Transformation of The Fields Between Inertial Frames - The E and B Fields
... As notation, the field variables in one frame are unprimed, and in a frame moving relative to the unprimed frame at velocity v, the fields are denoted with primes ... In addition, the fields parallel to the velocity v are denoted by while the fields perpendicular to v are denoted as ... In these two frames moving at relative velocity v, the E-fields and B-fields are related by where is called the Lorentz factor and c is the speed of light in free space ...
Superconducting Radio Frequency - Wakefields and Higher Order Modes (HOMs)
... particle beam passes through a cavity, its electromagnetic radiation field is perturbed by the sudden increase of the conducting wall diameter in the ... A portion of the particle's radiation field is then "clipped off" upon re-entrance into the beampipe and left behind as wakefields in the cavity ... are simply superimposed upon the externally driven accelerating fields in the cavity ...

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