What is egg yolk?

  • (noun): The yellow spherical part of an egg that is surrounded by the albumen.

Egg Yolk

An egg yolk is a part of an egg which feeds the developing embryo. The egg yolk is suspended in the egg white (known alternatively as albumen or glair/glaire) by one or two spiral bands of tissue called the chalazae. Prior to fertilization, the yolk together with the germinal disc is a single cell, one of the few single cells that can be seen by the naked eye.

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Egg Yolk - Gallery
... Other abnormal eggs A chicken egg frying with an extremely thick red yolk A double yolk egg ...
... membranes and can be easily obtained from a variety of readily available sources such as egg yolk or soy beans from which they are mechanically extracted or ... The name "lecithin" was originally defined from the Greek lekithos (λεκιθος, egg yolk) by Theodore Nicolas Gobley, a French chemist and pharmacist of the mid-19t ...
Theodore Nicolas Gobley - Discoverer of Lecithin and Phospholipids - Putting in Light The Chemical Bridges From Egg Yolk To Human Brain, 1847
... acid existed as such in the viscous matter (of egg yolk), what kind of a (molecule) can that be (that is their source), that indisputably presents one of the most unusual set of ... of chemical structure between brain tissues and egg yolk ... yields through hydrolysis exactly the same set of by-products that he had obtained from egg yolk ever the triad oleic acid, margaric acid, glycerophosphoric acid (Journal de Pharmacie et de Chimie 1847, 12 ...
Egg Allergy - Antigens
... Most people who are allergic to hen's eggs have antibodies which react to one of four proteins in the egg white ovomucoid, ovalbumin, ovotransferrin, and lysozyme ovomucoid, also called Gal d 1 ... The egg yolk contains several potential antigens livetin, apovitillin, and vosvetin ... A person who reacts only to a protein in the egg yolk may be able to easily tolerate egg whites, and vice versa ...
Frozen Custard - Characteristics
... contain at least 10 percent milkfat and 1.4 percent egg yolk solids ... If it has fewer egg yolk solids, it is considered ice cream ... The high percentage of butterfat and egg yolk gives frozen custard a thick, creamy texture and a smoother consistency than ice cream ...

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