What is East Anglia?

  • (noun): A region of eastern England that was formerly a kingdom.

East Anglia

East Anglia is a region of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the level of NUTS 2 for statistical purposes. It is one of three constituent parts of the East of England - a first level region. The name has also been applied to the ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom of the East Angles. The region's name is derived from the Angles - a tribe that originated in Angeln, northern Germany. The region comprises four areas of local government: the administrative counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire and the unitary authority area of the city of Peterborough.

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... This List of University of East Anglia alumni includes graduates and non-graduate former students of the University of East Anglia ...
Sigeberht Of East Anglia - Family Background, Exile, Conversion and Education
... Sigeberht ruled the kingdom of East Anglia (Old English Ēast Engla Rīce), a small independent Anglo-Saxon kingdom that comprised what are now the English counties of Norfolk and ... nothing is known of his life before he exiled from East Anglia prior to becoming king, as few records have survived from this period of English history ... was the brother of Eorpwald and the son of Rædwald, who ruled the kingdom of East Anglia from about 599 to 624, but William of Malmesbury described him as Rædwald's stepson ...
East Anglia - Three Crowns
... The East Anglian flag as it is known today was invented by George Henry Langham and adopted by the London Society of East Anglians ... The device refers to an old legend of the three crowns of East Anglia, and the blue colour represents the Anglo-Scandinavian heritage of much of East Anglia ... The three crowns of East Anglia appear, carved in stone, on the baptismal font (c.1400) in the parish church of Saxmundham, in Suffolk ...

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