What is Dracula?

  • (noun): Comprises tropical American species usually placed in genus Masdevallia: diminutive plants having bizarre and often sinister-looking flowers with pendulous scapes and motile lips.
    Synonyms: genus Dracula
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Little Dracula - Action Figures and Other Merchandise
... The year Little Dracula debuted on Fox Kids, an action figure collection based on the characters hit store shelves ... Produced by Bandai, the line includes Little Dracula, Drac Attack Little Dracula, Igor, Maggot, Werebunny, Garlic Man, Twin Beaks, The Man With No Eyes, and Deadwood ... Vehicles of Little Dracula include the Coffin Car, Dracster, Easy-biter Motorcycle, and Garlicmobile ...
List Of Marvel Comics Characters: H - Quincy Harker
... Marvel Universe based on a character in Bram Stoker's Dracula ... He first appeared in Tomb of Dracula #7-8 (March, May 1973), and was reinvented for comics by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan ... The character subsequently appeared in The Tomb of Dracula #10-14 (July–November 1973), #18-20 (March–May 1974), Giant-Size Chillers #1 (June 1974), The Tomb of Dracula #21-22 (June–July 1974), Giant-S ...
Little Dracula
... Little Dracula is a Welsh series of children's books and an American animated television series that originally aired on FOX ... Little Dracula revolves around a green-skinned, child vampire who aspires to be like his father, Big Dracula, yet also enjoys rock 'n roll and surfing ... Little Dracula also has a monstrous friend named Werebunny, and his Transylvanian family of strange characters is often threatened by the villainous Garlic Man ...
List Of Marvel Comics Characters: H - Harold H. Harold
... He first appeared in Tomb of Dracula #37 (October 1975), and was created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan ... The character subsequently appears in The Tomb of Dracula #38-45 (November 1975-June 1976), #47-49 (August–October 1976), and #56 (May 1977) ... a writer for the magazine True Vampire Stories who happened upon the injured vampire lord, Dracula ...
Dracula, The Musical - Recordings
... The CD features Thomas Borchert as Dracula, Uwe Kröger as Van Helsing, Jesper Tydén as Jonathan, Lyn Liechty as Mina and Caroline Vasicek as Lucy ... Demo/Promotional Recordings Demo Recording (2000) - featuring Douglas Sills as Dracula, Christiane Noll as Mina, Alice Ripley as Lucy, Rob Evan as Harker ... Guy LeMonnier Demo (2003) - featuring Guy LeMonnier as Dracula ...

More definitions of "Dracula":

  • (noun): Fictional vampire in a gothic horror novel by Bram Stoker.

Famous quotes containing the word dracula:

    How are we to know that a Dracula is a key-pounding pianist who lifts his hands up to his face, or that a bass fiddle is the doghouse, or that shmaltz musicians are four-button suit guys and long underwear boys?
    In New York City, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    The world shall spin and they all, all shall die. But not we.
    Pat Fielder, and Paul Landres. Dracula (Francis Lederer)

    And is the price for your acceptance for me to conform? To be as you would want me to be?... You must accept me as I am. Do not question.... If my behavior seems different perhaps it is because it serves a higher purpose than to find acceptance in this dull and useless world.
    Pat Fielder, and Paul Landres. Dracula (Francis Lederer)