What is Detroit?

  • (noun): The largest city in Michigan and a major Great Lakes port; center of the United States automobile industry; located in southeastern Michigan on the Detroit river across from Windsor.
    Synonyms: Motor City, Motown


Detroit ( /diˈtrɔɪt/) is the largest city in the U.S. state of Michigan, and the seat of Wayne County. It is the major city among the primary cultural, financial, and transportation centers in the Metro Detroit area, a region of 5.2 million people, and serves as a major port on the Detroit River connecting the Great Lakes system to the Saint Lawrence Seaway. It was founded on July 24, 1701, by the French explorer, adventurer, and nobleman Antoine de la Mothe, sieur de Cadillac.

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Coleman Young - Assessment - Crime
... Young has also been blamed for failing to stem the crime epidemic that Detroit became notorious for in the 1970s and 1980s, perhaps even encouraging it ... it has been suggested that the drug dealer White Boy Rick, who also worked for the FEDs and the Detroit Police Department as an informant, was unbothered by police for long periods of time because he ... Major criminal gangs that were founded in Detroit and dominated the drug trade at various times included The Errol Flynns (east side), Nasty Flynns (later the NF Bangers) and Black Killers and the drug ...
Detroit, Texas - Education
... Detroit is served by the Detroit Independent School District. ...
Coleman Young - Death and Legacy
... Young is interred at Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit ... The city county building for the City of Detroit and Wayne County was renamed the "Coleman A ... Museum of African American History Detroit City Airport, a general aviation facility serving Detroit, has since been renamed Coleman A ...
Detroit People Mover - History - Cost-effectiveness and Use
... $3, and was $4.26 in 2009, compared with Detroit bus routes that operate at $0.82 (the New York City Subway operates at $0.30 per passenger mile) ... out that fewer than 30% of the riders are Detroit residents and that Saturday ridership (likely out-of-towners) dwarfs that of weekday usage ... year 1999-2000 the city was spending $3 for every $0.50 rider fare, according to The Detroit News ...
Detroit People Mover
... The Detroit People Mover is a 2.9-mile (4.7 km) automated people mover system which operates on a single set of tracks, and encircles downtown Detroit, Michigan ... system, the People Mover is operated by the Detroit Transportation Corporation of the City of Detroit ... Avenue Light Rail line, beginning in 2013, will serve as a link between the Detroit People Mover and SEMCOG Commuter Rail with access to DDOT and SMART buses as part of a comprehensive network ...