What is delay?

  • (verb): Stop or halt.
    Synonyms: stay, detain
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Some articles on delay:

Seth Delay
... Seth Delay (born in 1985) is an American professional wrestler from Cornelia, Georgia ... Delay wrestles for many promotions, including Full Impact Pro, NWA Anarchy and the Christian Wrestling Federation ...
Legacy Way - Construction - Delay
... The initial financial assessment of the impact of the Brisbane River catchment flood in January 2011 threatened to suspend the Legacy Way project ... If the project was suspended for six months, as outlined in Section 11.9 of the Legacy Way project deed, Brisbane City Council would have been required to compensate the Transcity consortium AUD220 million ...
Delay - Sports
... Delay (game), official ruling to abnormally stop a sporting event once it has begun due to circumstances that prevent fairness of play, such as inclement weather ...
Line 6 Flextone - Flextone Product Line - Digital Effects
... The flextone amplifiers also gave the user access to a number of digital effects Delay Chorus (2 variants) Flanger (2 variants) Tremolo Rotary Speaker Simulator Compressor Delay/Chorus (2 variants ...
Smith Predictor
... predictive controller for systems with pure time delay ... Suppose the plant consists of followed by a pure time delay ... As a first step, suppose we only consider (the plant without a delay) and design a controller with a closed-loop transfer function that we consider ...

More definitions of "delay":

  • (noun): Time during which some action is awaited.
    Example: "Instant replay caused too long a delay"
    Synonyms: hold, time lag, postponement, wait
  • (noun): The act of delaying; inactivity resulting in something being put off until a later time.
    Synonyms: holdup
  • (verb): Slow the growth or development of.
    Synonyms: check, retard
  • (verb): Cause to be slowed down or delayed.
    Synonyms: detain, hold up
  • (verb): Act later than planned, scheduled, or required.
    Example: "Don't delay your application to graduate school or else it won't be considered"

Famous quotes containing the word delay:

    I warn you, avoid this evil, and let his own care delay each, and let him not change the spot of his accustomed love.
    Propertius Sextus (c. 50–16 B.C.)