What is definitive?

  • (adj): Clearly defined or formulated.
    Synonyms: unequivocal
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More definitions of "definitive":

  • (adj): Of recognized authority or excellence.
    Example: "The definitive work on Greece"
    Synonyms: authoritative, classical
  • (adj): Supplying or being a final or conclusive settlement.
    Example: "A definitive verdict"
    Synonyms: determinate

Famous quotes containing the word definitive:

    ... But all the feelings that evoke in us the joy or the misfortune of a real person are only produced in us through the intermediary of an image of that joy or that misfortune; the ingeniousness of the first novelist was in understanding that, in the apparatus of our emotions, since the image is the only essential element, the simplification which consists of purely and simply suppressing the factual characters is a definitive improvement.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    I always used to suffer a great deal if I let myself get too close to reality since the definitive world of the everyday with its hard edges and harsh light did not have enough resonance to echo the demands I made upon experience. It was as if I never experienced experience as experience. Living never lived up to the expectations I had of it—the Bovary syndrome.
    Angela Carter (1942–1992)