What is defiant?

  • (adj): Boldly resisting authority or an opposing force.
    Example: "Brought up to be aggressive and defiant"; "a defiant attitude"
    Synonyms: noncompliant

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... and former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter launch his new Defiant Comics line, but creative differences resulted in severing ties with the new publisher (which eventually went out of business ...
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307 Polish Night Fighter Squadron "Lwowskich Puchaczy" used the Defiant between September 1940 and August 1941, using the squadron code letters 'EW'. 307 was a new nightfighter Defiant squadron formed but did not become operational until December defending western Britain ... Their first One of their aircraft is serial number N1671, EW-D, the sole complete surviving Defiant which is on display at the RAF Museum at Hendon ...
Defiant 300
... The Defiant 300 is a prototype aircraft of the Philippines developed in cooperation with the PADC, Philippine Air Force and the Philippine Aerospace and Sciences Foundation (PASF).The ... The Defiant 300's fuselage was composite construction (wood and fiberglass) and was powered by a 300 hp Lycoming piston engine ... The Defiant 300 was to have been followed by a larger version equipped with a turboprop engine and designated the "Defiant 500" ...
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... The Defiant lands inside an asteroid threatening to collide with Earth ... the Russian officer Dragonsky cannibalize the Defiant in order to effect an escape ... shuttle escapes with everyone on board, the asteroid is destroyed, and the remains of the Defiant are obliterated ...

Famous quotes containing the word defiant:

    There is no more defiant denial of one man’s ability to possess one woman exclusively than the prostitute who refuses to redeemed.
    Gail Sheehy (b. 1937)

    Hidden away amongst Aschenbach’s writing was a passage directly asserting that nearly all the great things that exist owe their existence to a defiant despite: it is despite grief and anguish, despite poverty, loneliness, bodily weakness, vice and passion and a thousand inhibitions, that they have come into being at all. But this was more than an observation, it was an experience, it was positively the formula of his life and his fame, the key to his work.
    Thomas Mann (18751955)

    How beggarly appear arguments before a defiant deed!
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)