What is defendant?

  • (noun): A person or institution against whom an action is brought in a court of law; the person being sued or accused.
    Synonyms: suspect


A defendant or defender (Δ in legal shorthand) is any party required to answer a plaintiff's complaint in a civil lawsuit, or any party that has been formally charged or accused of violating a criminal statute. (Respondent is the parallel term used in a proceeding which is commenced by petition.)

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Some articles on defendant:

BMG Music V. Gonzalez
... a lower court's summary judgment that the defendant had committed copyright infringement ... The decision is noteworthy for rejecting the defendant's fair use defense, which had rested upon the defendant's contention that she was merely "sampling ...
Berkemer V. Mc Carty - Background
... An officer observed the defendant’s car weaving in and out of its traffic lane ... The officer stopped defendant and asked him to get out of his car ... The officer noticed that the defendant was having difficulty standing ...
Defendant - England and Wales
... Historically, defendant was a legal term for a person prosecuted for misdemeanour ... It was not not applicable to a person prosecuted for felony ...
Summers V. Tice - California Supreme Court Ruling
... On appeal the defendants argued that they were not joint tortfeasors because they were not acting in concert ... On the subject of negligence, defendant Simonson contended that the evidence was insufficient to sustain the finding on that score ... Defendant Tice on the other hand stated in his opening brief that "we have decided not to argue the insufficiency of negligence on the part of defendant Tice." The court noted that Tice neither conceded the point nor ...
Stanley Burroughs - Controversy and Legal Problems
... During the first meeting between Lee and defendant, the latter described his method of curing cancer ... a brand of vigorous massage administered by defendant ... Defendant remarked that he had successfully treated “thousands” of people, including a number of physicians ...

Famous quotes containing the word defendant:

    My profession lent itself nicely to my vocation for heights. It freed me of any bitterness towards my fellow men, who were always in my debt, without my owing them anything. It placed me above the judge whom, I in turn judged, above the defendant whom I forced into gratitude.
    Albert Camus (1913–1960)