What is decision?

  • (noun): The outcome of a game or contest.
    Example: "The team dropped three decisions in a row"
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Some articles on decision:

Orienting Response - Function - Orienting in Decision-Making
... Interestingly, gaze bias ceases following a decision, suggesting that gaze bias is the cause of preference and not its effect ... of a stimulus presence, it is argued that gaze orientation supports decision-making mechanisms in inducing a preferential bias ...
... is an interdisciplinary field that seeks to explain human decision making, the ability to process multiple alternatives and to choose an optimal course of action ... As research into decision-making behavior becomes increasingly computational, it has also incorporated new approaches from theoretical biology, computer science, and mathematics ... Neuroeconomics studies decision making, by using a combination of tools from these fields so as to avoid the shortcomings that arise from a single perspective approach ...
Neuroeconomics - Introduction
... The field of decision making is largely concerned with the processes by which individuals make a single choice from among many options ... are generally assumed to proceed in a logical manner such that the decision itself is largely independent of context ... While there has been support for this economic view of decision making, there are also situations where the assumptions of optimal decision making seem to ...
Epperson V. Arkansas - Decision
... In a decision written by Justice Abe Fortas, the Court held, Justice Hugo Black issued a separate opinion to overturn the Arkansas law, finding the law unconstitutionally "vague" rather than ... to reverse the State Appeal Court decision, his opinion details his dissent from the majority over the First Amendment issue ...
Plessy V. Ferguson
... Ferguson (1896), is a landmark United States Supreme Court decision in the jurisprudence of the United States, upholding the constitutionality of state laws requiring ... law until its repudiation in the 1954 Supreme Court decision Brown v ...

More definitions of "decision":

  • (noun): The act of making up your mind about something.
    Example: "The burden of decision was his"
    Synonyms: determination, conclusion
  • (noun): The trait of resoluteness as evidenced by firmness of character or purpose.
    Synonyms: decisiveness
  • (noun): (boxing) a victory won on points when no knockout has occurred.
    Example: "Had little trouble in taking a unanimous decision over his opponent"
  • (noun): A position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration.
    Example: "A decision unfavorable to the opposition"
    Synonyms: determination, conclusion

Famous quotes containing the word decision:

    Moral choices do not depend on personal preference and private decision but on right reason and, I would add, divine order.
    Basil Hume (b. 1923)

    The decision to have a child is both a private and a public decision, for children are our collective future.
    Sylvia Ann Hewitt (20th century)

    The issue is privacy. Why is the decision by a woman to sleep with a man she has just met in a bar a private one, and the decision to sleep with the same man for $100 subject to criminal penalties?
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)