What is debit?

  • (noun): An accounting entry acknowledging sums that are owing.
    Synonyms: debit entry
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SHAZAM (interbank Network)
... SHAZAM offers ATM processing, Visa debit and Debit MasterCard national debit products, card authorization services, merchant processing, automated clearing house (ACH) services, and information security services ...
Debit Spread
... In finance, a debit spread, AKA net debit spread, results when an investor simultaneously buys an option with a higher premium and sells an option with a lower premium ...
Neteller - Product Capabilities
... Money can be loaded into the account from a bank, credit/debit card or via many other methods including Giropay, iDEAL, Ukash, Direct e-Banking or ... that accepts MasterCard using the Neteller debit card that is part of the account ... using the company’s Net+ MasterCard debit card at point-of-sale and automated teller machines ...
FSA Debit Card
... An FSA Debit Card is a special type of debit card issued in the United States to access tax-favored spending accounts such as flexible spending accounts (FSA) and ... or Discover brand and operate through their main networks thus all FSA debit card transactions are of the offline variety (also known as "signature debit" or, inaccurately but commonly, "credit") ... This can create confusion at merchants such as Wal-Mart that attempt to "steer" debit cards to online debit (aka "PIN debit" or just plain "debit") FSA debit cards ...
Loss Of United Kingdom Child Benefit Data (2007) - Response - Jeremy Clarkson Direct Debit Fraud
7 January 2008, Jeremy Clarkson found himself the subject of direct debit fraud after publishing his bank account and sort code details in his column in The Sun to make the point that public concern over the scandal ... Someone then used these details to set up a £500 Direct Debit to the charity Diabetes UK ... and I have been punished for my mistake.″ Under the terms of the Direct Debit Guarantee, the payment should have been returned ...

More definitions of "debit":

  • (verb): Enter as debit.

Famous quotes containing the word debit:

    Every notable advance in technique or organization has to be paid for, and in most cases the debit is more or less equivalent to the credit. Except of course when it’s more than equivalent, as it has been with universal education, for example, or wireless, or these damned aeroplanes. In which case, of course, your progress is a step backwards and downwards.
    Aldous Huxley (1894–1963)