What is cutting?

  • (adj): Suitable for cutting or severing.
    Example: "A cutting tool"; "the cutting edge"
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Cutting is the separation of a physical object, or a portion of a physical object, into two or more portions, through the application of an acutely directed force. Implements commonly used for cutting are the knife and saw, or in medicine and science the scalpel and microtome. However, any sufficiently sharp object is capable of cutting if it has a hardness sufficiently larger than the object being cut, and if it is applied with sufficient force. Even liquids can be used to cut things when applied with sufficient force (see water jet cutter).

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Some articles on cutting:

Tools Commonly Used For Cutting
... Abrasive saw Axe Blade Bandsaw Chainsaw Circular saw Cutting tool (machining) Diamond blade Diamond tool Drill bit Fingernail File Front teeth Glass cutter Grater Hacksaw Hand saw Hole saw Knife Laser ...
Machinability - Other Materials
... This creates heat that builds up in the cutting zone, which degrades the tool life and locally melts the plastic ... plastic melts, it just flows around the cutting edge instead of being removed by it ... by using high lubricity coolant and keeping the cutting area free of chip build up ...
Sonning Cutting Railway Accident
... The Sonning Cutting railway accident occurred during the early hours of 24 December 1841 in the Sonning Cutting through Sonning Hill, near Reading, Berkshire ... to Bristol Temple Meads station entered Sonning Cutting ... Recent heavy rain had saturated the soil in the cutting causing it to slip, covering the line on which the train was travelling ...
Canadian Cutting Horse Association - Canadian Cutting Horse
... promotes a type of horse called the Canadian cutting horse, which includes all horses used for the sport of cutting in Canada ...
Laminated Glass - Cutting
... Plastic interlayers in laminated glass make its cutting difficult ... There is an unsafe practice of cutting both sides separately, pouring a flammable liquid such as denatured alcohol into the crack, and igniting it to melt the interlayer to separate the pieces ... Special purpose laminated cutting tables Vertically-inclined saw frames A blowlamp or hot air blower ...

More definitions of "cutting":

  • (noun): The activity of selecting the scenes to be shown and putting them together to create a film.
    Synonyms: film editing
  • (adj): Unpleasantly cold and damp.
    Synonyms: bleak, raw
  • (noun): The division of a deck of cards before dealing.
    Example: "The cutting of the cards soon became a ritual"
    Synonyms: cut
  • (noun): A piece cut off from the main part of something.
  • (noun): A part (sometimes a root or leaf or bud) removed from a plant to propagate a new plant through rooting or grafting.
    Synonyms: slip
  • (noun): Cutting away parts to create a desired shape.
    Synonyms: carving
  • (adj): (of speech) harsh or hurtful in tone or character.
    Example: "Cutting remarks"
    Synonyms: edged, stinging
  • (noun): The act of diluting something.
    Example: "The cutting of whiskey with water"
    Synonyms: thinning
  • (noun): The act of shortening something by cutting off the ends.
    Synonyms: cut, cutting off
  • (noun): The act of cutting something into parts.
    Example: "His cutting of the cake made a terrible mess"
    Synonyms: cut
  • (noun): The act of penetrating or opening open with a sharp edge.
    Synonyms: cut

Famous quotes containing the word cutting:

    I have always thought that one man of tolerable abilities may work great changes, and accomplish great affairs among mankind, if he first forms a good plan, and, cutting off all amusements or other employments that would divert his attention, make the execution of that same plan his sole study and business.
    Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790)

    This man was very clever and quick to learn anything in his line. Our tent was of a kind new to him; but when he had once seen it pitched, it was surprising how quickly he would find and prepare the pole and forked stakes to pitch it with, cutting and placing them right the first time, though I am sure that the majority of white men would have blundered several times.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    So much for Mrs. Hollis’ nine months of pain and 20 years of hope.
    Alvah Bessie, Ranald MacDougall, and Lester Cole. Raoul Walsh. Nameless GI, Objective Burma, cutting dog tags off a dead GI (1945)