What is communistic?

  • (adj): Relating to or marked by communism.
    Example: "Communistic propaganda"
    Synonyms: communist

Some articles on communistic:

Gary Cooper - Other Activities - Politics and Appearances Before Congress
... Asked if he had observed "communistic influence in Hollywood", Cooper named no one in particular but said he had "turned down quite a few scripts because I thought they were tinged with communistic ideas" he also ... I remember hearing statements from some folks to the effect that the communistic system had a great many features that were desirable ...
Nikolai Tchaikovsky - Biography
... They founded a communistic settlement at “Cedar Vale,” near Wichita, Kansas, and tried to work out their new religious and social teaching ... to recognize that mankind was not yet ready for the communistic life which they believed to be an imminent development of the future ... They regarded communistic life as senseless without a constant feeling of the presence of God in the case of each member of the community, and this essential condition could not be achieved ...

Famous quotes containing the word communistic:

    ...that absolutely everything beloved and cherished of the bourgeoisie, the conservative, the cowardly, and the impotent—the State, family life, secular art and science—was consciously or unconsciously hostile to the religious idea, to the Church, whose innate tendency and permanent aim was the dissolution of all existing worldly orders, and the reconstitution of society after the model of the ideal, the communistic City of God.
    Thomas Mann (1875–1955)

    Of all things in life, Mrs. Lee held this kind of court-service in contempt, for she was something more than republican—a little communistic at heart, and her only serious complaint of the President and his wife was that they undertook to have a court and to ape monarchy. She had no notion of admitting social superiority in any one, President or Prince, and to be suddenly converted into a lady-in-waiting to a small German Grand-Duchess, was a terrible blow.
    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)