What is chex mix?

Chex Mix

Chex Mix is a type of snack mix that includes Chex breakfast cereal (sold by General Mills) as a major component. The original version of Chex Mix is based on a homemade version of the snack which was made for many years but there are also several commercially produced varieties of Chex Mix. Though contents vary, the mixes generally include an assortment of Chex cereals, chips, hard breadsticks, pretzels, nuts or crackers. Recipes for homemade Chex mix are printed on Chex cereal boxes and are available online.

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... Chex is a brand of breakfast cereal, introduced in 1937 and currently manufactured by General Mills ... It was originally owned by Ralston Purina, and the Chex name reflects the "checkerboard square" logo of Ralston Purina ... Its flavors include Wheat Chex Cereal Corn Chex Cereal Rice Chex Cereal Oat Chex Cereal (discontinued) Raisin Bran Chex (discontinued) Double Chex (discontinued ...

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