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Ambition (Miz) - Biography
... this news, listing a mini-album titled Good bye, yesterday to be released under the name "Mizrock." It is also with this album that Miz moved from Victor Interactive ... In June 2007, "Good bye, yesterday" from her Good bye, yesterday album was used as the second ending song for the popular anime, Romeo X Juliet ...
Bye, Baby Bunting - In Popular Culture
... Brave New World (1932) by Aldous Huxley contains the adapted reference 'Bye baby Banting, soon you'll need decanting' ... In "The Good, The Bad and the Queen" project, Damon Albarn sings "Bye, baby bunting" in "The Bunting Song" ...

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  • (noun): You advance to the next round in a tournament without playing an opponent.
    Example: "He had a bye in the first round"
    Synonyms: pass

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    You will eat, bye and bye,
    When you’ve learned how to cook and to fry;
    Chop some wood, ‘twill do you good,
    And you’ll eat in the sweet bye and bye.
    Joe Hill (1879–1914)