What is bomb?

  • (noun): Strong sealed vessel for measuring heat of combustion.
    Synonyms: bomb calorimeter
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A bomb is any of a range of explosive weapons that only rely on the exothermic reaction of an explosive material to provide an extremely sudden and violent release of energy (an explosive device). Detonations inflict damage principally through ground- and atmosphere-transmitted mechanical stress, the impact and penetration of pressure-driven projectiles, pressure damage, and explosion-generated effects. A nuclear weapon employs chemical-based explosives to initiate a much larger nuclear-based explosion.

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Some articles on bomb:

Harold Nicolson - Later Life and Legacy
... Faces," the first book foreshadowing the nuclear bomb ... aggressively brandishing rocket airplanes and an atomic bomb ... In today's terms, it was a multi-megaton bomb, and the geology of the Persian Gulf played a central role, but on the other hand, Nicolson never foresaw Hitler ...
Mark 82 Bomb - Low-level Delivery
... To combat this, the standard Mk-82 General Purpose bomb can be fitted with a special high-drag tail fin unit ... tail unit has 4 folded fins which spring open into a cruciform shape when the bomb is released ... The fins increase the drag of the bomb, slowing its forward progress and allowing the delivery aircraft to safely pass over the target before the bomb explodes ...
Mark 84 Bomb
... The Mark 84 or BLU-117 is an American general-purpose bomb, it is also the largest of the Mark 80 series of weapons ... War, it became a commonly used US heavy unguided bomb (due to the amount of High-explosive content packed inside) to be dropped, second only to the 15,000 pounds (6,803.9 kg) BLU-82 "Daisy Cutter ...
Bomb - Blast Seat
... In forensic science, the point of detonation of a bomb is referred to as its blast seat, seat of explosion, blast hole or epicenter ...
Car Bomb
... A car bomb, or truck bomb also known as a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED), is an improvised explosive device placed inside a car or other vehicle and then detonated ... Car bombs act as their own delivery mechanisms and can carry a relatively large amount of explosives without attracting suspicion in larger vehicles and trucks, weights of at least 7000 pounds (3200 kg) have ... Car bombs are activated in a variety of ways including opening the vehicle's doors, starting the engine, depressing the accelerator or brake pedals or simply lighting a fuse or setting a ...

More definitions of "bomb":

  • (noun): An event that fails badly or is totally ineffectual.
    Synonyms: turkey, dud
  • (verb): Throw bombs at or attack with bombs.
    Synonyms: bombard
  • (noun): An explosive device fused to denote under specific conditions.

Famous quotes containing the word bomb:

    The man who throws a bomb is an artist, because he prefers a great moment to everything.
    Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874–1936)

    What has kept the world safe from the bomb since 1945 has not been deterrence, in the sense of fear of specific weapons, so much as it’s been memory. The memory of what happened at Hiroshima.
    John Hersey (b. 1914)

    Lincoln said, “With malice toward none and with charity to all.” Nowadays they say, “Think the way I do or I’ll bomb the daylights out of you.”
    Robert Riskin (1897–1955)