What is behemoth?

  • (noun): A person of exceptional importance and reputation.
    Synonyms: colossus, giant, heavyweight, titan
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Behemoth ( /bɨˈhiːməθ/ or /ˈbiː.əməθ/, also /ˈbeɪ.əmɔːθ/; Hebrew בהמות, behemoth (modern: behemot)) is a mythological beast mentioned in Job 40:15-24. Metaphorically, the name has come to be used for any extremely large or powerful entity.

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List Of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Monsters - WTC 21783 - Adventurer's Vault (2008)
13 Shark 13 Dire shark, riding shark Behemoth 13, 182 Trihorn behemoth, jade macetail behemoth The trihorn behemoth is probably modeled after the triceratops ... The jade macetail behemoth is a gem-like version of an ankylosaurus ...
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... The Behemoth appears in The Marvel Super Heroes (TV Show Sub-Mariner 1966). ...
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... Behemoth is negatively affected by unfavourable weather conditions as both a high altitude and high velocity ride ... Behemoth will close in high winds, but may remain open in light rain ... Passengers on Behemoth may not bring any loose articles onto the train and will be required to wear shirts and footwear ...
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... Behemoth was written in 1668 as a follow-up to a previous and scandalous political work, Leviathan (1651) ... Leviathan is a representation of an ideal political world, and Behemoth has been considered to be a contrasting treatise on what happens when the very worst ... permission by King Charles II to publish Behemoth ...
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... Aware of the availability of master effects technician Willis O'Brien, director Lourié suggested the producers allow the King Kong creator to do the effects ... Instead the work was contracted to Jack Rabin—who then sub-contracted the animation work back to O'Brien for a low flat-rate of $5,000 ...

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