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  • (noun): A member of the British order of honor; ranks below a baron but above a knight.
    Synonyms: Baronet


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Milhouse Of Sand And Fog - Cultural References
... In one scene, Bart and Milhouse are acting out a song from the play Oklahoma!, "The Farmer and the Cowman" ... Marge saves Bart and Homer from going over the falls the same way as Buster Keaton did with his girl friend in Our Hospitality ... Bart describes the plan to split up Milhouse's parents as a "reverse Parent Trap" ...
Lisa's First Word - Plot
... In March 1983, Homer, Marge and a two-year-old Bart lived in the Lower East side of Springfield ... Bart is forced to give up his crib so it can become the new baby's ... Homer builds him a new bed shaped like a maniacal clown, which terrifies Bart ...
... Bartın is a city in northern Turkey, the capital of the province of Bartın ... a district of Zonguldak Province, Bartın has been made into a province seat in 1991 with the constitution of its province, including 4 districts the Central Bartın, Amasra, Kurucasile, and Ulus). 48,000, is situated 14 kilometers inland on the Bartın River (Bartın Çayı) which is navigable for vessels between the city and the Black Sea coast ...
Bart - Miscellaneous
... Bart (magazine), a discontinued Japanese magazine "Barts" is the frequently used abbreviation for St Bartholomew's Hospital in the City of London Bart ... abbreviation for the peerage title Baronet Bart Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States The title of an album made by the electronic improvisation duo Thomas ...
Colma (BART Station)
... Situated in a small valley immediately adjacent to a BART rail yard, the station consists of three main tracks with a shared island platform and one side platform ... Before BART service was extended southward to Millbrae in 2003, Colma served as the terminal station (now at Millbrae) on the San Francisco Peninsula for the ... Ever since Colma started BART service, Balboa Park became an official transfer station ...