What is audit?

  • (verb): Attend academic courses without getting credit.
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The general definition of an audit is an evaluation of a person, organization, system, process, enterprise, project or product. The term most commonly refers to audits in accounting, but similar concepts also exist in project management, quality management, water management, and energy conservation.

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Some articles on audit:

Lead Auditor - See Also
... ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Chief Audit Executive, Director of Audit (disambiguation) Comptroller General of the United States, Comptroller, Comptroller General (disambiguation ...
Operations Audit
... Operations audit is examination of the operations of the client's business ... In this audit the auditor thoroughly examines the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of the operations with which the management of the entity (client) is achieving its objective ... The operational audit goes beyond the internal controls issues since management does not achieve its objectives merely by compliance of satisfactory system of internal controls ...
Commission On Audit (Philippines)
... The Commission on Audit is an independent constitutional commission established by the Constitution of the Philippines ... It has the primary function to examine, audit and settle all accounts and expenditures of the funds and properties of the Philippine government ...

More definitions of "audit":

  • (noun): A methodical examination or review of a condition or situation.
    Example: "He made an audit of all the plants on his property"; "an energy efficiency audit"; "an email log audit"
  • (noun): An inspection of the accounting procedures and records by a trained accountant or CPA.
    Synonyms: audited account